Todos Santos is a very special placeĀ andĀ Colorado State University is extremely honored to be part of the community.

CSU is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, about 2500 kilometers from Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico. And while our two epicenters are far in distance, who we are as people is very much the same.

The team at CSU feels the utmost responsibility and excitement for being a part of the Todos Santos and Baja California Sur communities. We want to learn from the amazing people in BCS and collaborate on important outcomes, we are excited to have our students broaden their horizons and become global citizens, and we look forward to joining together, as people, to make a difference as part of our long-term commitment to the region.

Core to CSU are the ideals of education, research and outreach. We’re eager to enhance the exchange of students in Todos Santos and BCS with Colorado students, to engage the BCS community in life-long learning workshops and courses, and to work together to make a difference and build global connections.

The CSU Center is an open, welcoming place for all, and we pledge to support the community, to stay true to our mission as a sustainable university, and to be present and thoughtful. We look forward to working with you and hearing from you.