Community Needs Assessment Reports

Colorado State University (CSU)’s long-term commitment in the community of Todos Santos and the region of Baja California Sur, Mexico, is based on understanding community priorities and developing partnerships with community members and regional institutions built on mutual respect, trust, and accountability.

The original participatory Todos Santos Community Assessment process began in the summer of 2015. The below reports outline the methodology, stakeholder groups, and learnings, and act as a compass for action in co-creating educational programs and research projects based on shared goals and mutual commitment, with the community and CSU students.

Four primary reports include:

In addition to these documents, researchers from Baja California Sur collected data from primary sources such as government databases (census, CONANP, CONAGUA, and more), university and non profit organization research findings, and interviews with community and industry leaders.

The documents include all citations and acknowledgements, compile the original data from Spanish-language sources, and synthesize the findings into comprehensive reports in English.

Past program reports