An important aspect of the Center’s mission statement is to cultivate generations of thriving communities. This is especially important to remember now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are witnessing similar challenges in both Colorado and in Todos Santos. For example, CSU Fort Collins stepped up efforts to support food security through annual traditions such as Cans Around the Oval and Rams Against Hunger, while CSU Pueblo distributed turkeys to staff for the holidays. Similarly, in Todos Santos, our CSU team worked diligently through the summer of 2020 with community partners to address food insecurity in the region through the coordinated delivery of dispensas (food packages). At times like these, we recognize both our generosity and the grace with which we can accept our vulnerabilities and offers of support.

In Mexico, friendship, caring, and love are often expressed through food. We are all part of the same extended community; we are all impacted by the pandemic, in similar and different ways. We would like to answer the call for those who want to show their love, by collecting donations and sharing the love among our Todos Santos friends and community through food and connection.  Most importantly, and honoring our commitment to exchange of knowledge, we see this time as an opportunity to share traditions and stories of Todos Santos.

We are all CSU family, no matter what country we are in or what country we come from originally. Please help us show our family at the Todos Santos Center that we haven’t forgotten each other!

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