The Office of International Programs and the CSU Todos Santos Center welcome faculty members to apply to teach a 3-credit undergraduate course in Todos Santos during fall, spring, and summer semesters.

  • FallEnvironment and Culture themed semesters submissions are open to all colleges and areas of study that fit with this theme. On-site teaching occurs from October to mid-December.
  • SpringSustainability themed semesters are offered in partnership with the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at CSU Fort Collins (SoGES). Preference will be given to courses that count toward the Minor in Global Environmental Sustainability. On-site teaching occurs from March to mid-May.
  • Summersessions feature open themes. On-site teaching occurs from mid-June through late July.

Semester program dates and application deadlines




Fall 2023

Oct. 1, 2022

Oct. 7-Dec. 14, 2023

Spring 2024

Nov. 1, 2022

March 1-May 9, 2024

Summer 2024

Nov. 1, 2022

June 17-July 21, 2024

Fall 2024

Aug. 1, 2023

Oct. 8-Dec. 16, 2024

Spring 2025

Aug. 1, 2023

March 5-May 13, 2025

Summer 2025

Oct. 1, 2024

June 18-July 22, 2025

Fall 2025

Aug. 1, 2024

Oct. 9-Dec. 17, 2025

Spring 2026

Aug. 1, 2024

March 5-May 13, 2026

Summer 2026

Oct. 1, 2025

June 17-July 21, 2026

STUDENTS: click here to explore upcoming programs or email to make an advising appointment.

Semester program overview

During the fall and spring semesters, students register for a total of 13-credits, completed over a 10-week period in Todos Santos. Multiple 3-credit courses are offered in each of two 5-week sessions plus a 1-credit 10-week community engagement course. Proposed courses must be suitable to an intensive teaching schedule. On-site teaching occurs from October to mid-December (fall) and March to mid-May (spring),

The summer semester is a 5-week program from mid-June to July. Proposed 3-credit courses will be taught over these 5-weeks.

Funding for salary will be transferred to the home department, and workload adjustments can be negotiated directly with department chairs. Compensation also includes airfare, housing, some meals, and other specified travel and program expenses.

A minimum of 15 CSU students must commit to each semester and 6-10 students (defined in each individual instructor agreement) to each course in order to make the program budget viable. In addition to teaching, program leaders are asked to promote this opportunity to relevant majors, refer students for advising, and provide student support while in Mexico, including emergency response as needed. Attendance at emergency response trainings and preparatory planning meets prior to the program are required.

Instructor positions

10-week assignment (1 opening per semester) to teach two 3-credit courses and serve as the Academic Coordinator. Previous experience leading a program at the CSU Todos Santos Center is strongly preferred. This position is not available during the summer term.

5-week assignment (2+ openings per semester) to teach a 3-credit course.

2-week assignment (1 opening per semester) to teach a 3-credit course over a 5-week period with a co-applicant from the United States or Mexico.  Teaching assignments are consecutive with each instructor spending 2-2.5 weeks on-site in Todos Santos. The Center will assist faculty in identifying appropriate faculty from Baja California Sur if requested. Hybrid delivery courses will not be considered.

Instructor Position Overview

Instructors generally teach 1-2 courses and contribute to the Center community in other important ways. A committee selected by the Director of CSU Todos Santos chooses instructors based on each applicant’s expertise and experience teaching courses that align with semester themes, as well as their international and/or intercultural experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The individual in this position must be able to perform the essential duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation

  • Prior to the semester in Todos Santos:
    • Prepare syllabi and provide input to planned field activities for mutually agreed-upon undergraduate courses. Syllabi are to be approved by Colorado State University Fort Collins.
    • Consult with CSU Todos Santos Center staff as needed for planning
    • Promote the semester to undergraduate students in collaboration with CSU Todos Santos staff.
    • Participate in pre-departure curriculum integration planning meetings as well as health and safety orientations.
  • During the semester:
    • Teach undergraduate courses
    • Participate in field work, activities, excursions, and community engagement activities and incorporate those experiences into course learning objectives.
    • Provide additional academic leadership and peer support in experiential learning.
    • Give one or more community workshops or presentations
    • Be available for student contact outside the classroom
    • Participate in program evaluation

Application process

Application Deadline: For full consideration, please submit your application prior to the date listed in the table above. Instructor selection proceeds on a rolling basis and applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

Application Instructions:

Applications should include the proposed course number, name, a course description of no more than 500 words, current CV, and a cover letter (statement of interest) to Questions can be directed to Kim Kita. In your cover letter, please describe the specific course that you propose to teach relevant to theme of the semester. The course should be an existing course that is of interest to students from various majors. Courses should not have significant prerequisites. Please also describe your experience teaching students in non-traditional locations.

To receive full consideration, submit application materials as follows:

  • Submit an applicationcover letter and an abbreviated 3-5 page CV/resume; your cover letter should address your interest in the position and your qualifications as aligned with the requirements of the position.
  • In bold typeface at the top of your cover letter, please identify the course(s) you are proposing to teach. All courses taught in Todos Santos are selected from courses listed in the Colorado State University catalogs ( and )
  • Prepare your cover letter and resume as a single document in the following order: cover letter first followed by your CV/resume.
  • Submit your single document as a PDF file (not as a Word document or other file type), using a file name that begins with your last name (e.g. Smith TS app Spring 2023).
  • Submit a course description and evidence of teaching effectiveness (course/peer evaluations, awards/certificates, training certificates, etc.) as an additional attachment. Submit this document as a PDF file, not as a Word document or other file type.
  • Do not submit additional documentation; additional documentation is not requested at this time and will not be reviewed or considered.

Failure to submit your application according to any or all of the above criteria may limit consideration for the position.

Selection criteria

Minimum Qualifications and Skills

  • Recent experience teaching undergraduate courses with a global/comparative perspective or cross-cultural content
  • Expertise in a field of study applicable to the CSU Todos Santos semester program theme
  • Support the mission of the CSU Todos Santos Center; reflecting Colorado State University values, candidates are expected to have a demonstrated ability to advance the commitment to support diverse and inclusive community-building
  • Commitment to use an Education Abroad experience to enhance undergraduate instruction and internationalization of CSU curriculum
  • Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree, or a Master’s degree plus significant related professional experience

Preferred Qualifications and Skills:

  • Substantial related international and/or intercultural experience or expertise
  • Experiential, field-based teaching experience
  • Training and/or participation in diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives
  • Recognition of teaching excellence (e.g. teaching awards)

See full job descriptions and responsibilities for instructors, the 10-week academic coordinator position, and Center staff support.

Family accommodations

  • Spouses or dependent family members may apply to accompany the instructor for commitments of 5-weeks or longer and can be accommodated on a space available basis.
  • Instructors must have a dedicated full-time caregiver for all dependent children in order to fulfill teaching and community commitments on the semester program.
  • Minors (a person under the age of 18 who is not emancipated) must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver at all times. Dependent children should not accompany their parents to class, on program excursions, or to their office.
  • If requesting family accommodation, include this in the cover letter.
  • View guidelines and rates for partners and dependent minors.

Benefits and compensation

  • International Programs will transfer $6,250 per 3-credit course to the home department. If two CSU Faculty members co-teach a course, the amount transferred will be split between the two.
  • The department can use these funds to cover on-campus teaching; to issue supplemental pay; or to pursue another arrangement as agreed between the Department Chair and instructor.
  • Airfare, accommodation, program-related travel, and some meals at the Center are provided to instructors.
  • International health insurance is included.
  • Funds are transferred at the conclusion of the teaching assignment.