An exchange of resources and knowledge

The Colorado State University Todos Santos Center builds on the university’s mission of teaching, research, service, and outreach. The university has already established international research presence and education abroad offerings in Latin America involving a range of interests including infectious disease research and veterinary medicine. The center will benefit CSU students and research as well as Todos Santos residents.

CSU is developing programs for faculty who are interested in collaborating with local projects or developing international study opportunities, offering their expertise in a wide variety of topics including veterinary medicine, environmental studies, biology, agriculture, ecology, human development and family studies, health and nutrition, arts, music, theater, construction management, hospitality, political science, history and  archeology.

The multifaceted CSU center will include dormitory-style lodging for 46 students and faculty, classroom spaces, and an Agriculture and Water Research Center where local farmers and CSU students and researchers will grow organic fruits and vegetables and study effective water use.

CSU’s outstanding educational resources and expertise combined with natural, cultural and historical aspects offered by Todos Santos citizens creates expansive possibilities for research, learning and experiences for both local Todos Santos citizens and the CSU community.

The CSU Todos Santos Center provides opportunities for increasingly important international experiences to CSU students. Through the center, CSU students will gain real-world experiences to help them to learn to solve global problems effectively – skills students can apply in their careers.

These programs also will benefit Todos Santos citizens. For example, local farmers and CSU researchers will grow organic fruits and vegetables and study effective water use at the Agriculture and Water Research Center.

Todos Santos has a population of about 5,100, is located on the Southern Baja peninsula and has a wealth of diverse ecosystems.

The United States is actively developing close ties with Mexico’s government, economy and people. There is a renewed national interest in educational opportunities between the US and Latin America. In Colorado, similar interests in educational opportunities with Mexico are unfolding. CSU has a unique, timely opportunity to create an international presence and engage in meaningful education in Mexico, in support of our land-grant mission.